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How to ask someone where they got that

Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.

How to ask someone where they got that ...


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Now Internet on of the most  ways somebody use to shopping .i do not like shopping online . I enjoying when I go to shopping with my family. That's my opinion.

here, in Pasto Colombia there are not special markets like in England. There are malls. I enjoy go to them only when I need something. shopping way internet is not popular in my city. I think someone must be cautious.

wow..They are talking too fast to understand especially when the guy saying 'could do..' Anyway, this site helps me a lot to learn English. Thanks :) 

I spend maybe 2 hours of my week shopping at the casino in my University, specially buying my lunch !
I think Internet is an excellent way to buy, because you can choose what you want in your house. :D

I go shopping once  a week to but house things and food . I go shopping to buy clothes and other stuff  when i need them anytime. I like buying online for clothes and shoes  .sometime i feel it's risky that may be when i try them on i don't feel they fit me.sometimes I do a search on the internet for a book or electronics  I need. It 's helpful in a way.
Finally this is the best site for learning English , Thanks

Hi, I have a question please, I could not understand this sentence (Could do with a pair like that myself)...........Can you express the same meaning but with a different form or another words !!!
Thanks alot ..

Hi Rabab Qasmo,
The phrase 'could do with' is an idiom, so it can be tricky.  However, I think you can find the answer to this question yourself!  Try typing 'could do with' in the Cambridge Dictionaries Online window on the right, and you should find a definition which will clarify it for you.  Let us know how you get on!
Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

I dont quite like shopping. I usually do shopping one or two times a week if it is really necessary.

Me too ,Rinchik.

hi dear jeremy.i am new member and this is my first question what does this mean? (( i can't get enough of this place.)). thanks