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Series 01 Episode 01

Introducing your friends, Angelina Jolie, things you can find in a kitchen, Central Park in New York, celebrities working for charity, etc.

Series 1 - Podcast 1


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Hello. My name is Aleksandar and I am coming from Serbia. I am 23 years old.
My hobbies are playing badminton and tennis because these are my favorite sports.
I am student of the 4th year at faculty of tehnical sciences, modul: Industrial management.
I would really like to improve my level of English language and I think that this will help me to succeed. In my free time, I like to watch movies, listen to music and read some interesting stories. Also I would like to visit some countries and cities. One of my favorite is definitely New York, but still I will always love my city of born, Novi Sad. :)

Best regards :)

Hi everyone
How can I download this audio recording please guide me. There is no option here
to download this audio.

Hello Talat,

To download the audio file, press on the words 'elementary-podcasts-s01-e01.mp3' (next to the audio player). If you have a mobile device or tablet, the option to save it should appear. If you're using a mouse, click on the right button and then choose the 'Save as' option.

Alternatively, you could download this and other episodes in iTunes U or download our Elementary Podcasts app.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Friends, This is Kashif and I am from Pakistan. I am living in Karachi which is the biggest city of Pakistan. The most Attractive place of Karachi as per my point of view is "Sea-view". I love to visit there most. People really enjoying at this point when they walking at beach. I am here at (British council website) to improve my speaking skills. This is the best place to learn. Thanks :)

Hi everyone!

My name is Roger. I' m from Spain. I'm Spanish and I live in Madrid but I just to live in Sevilla.
I've got 37. My favorite day of the week is Saturday because for me Saturday is free time!
I'm learning English in language official school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. British Council can help me with English both really can help me and I hope stay here a lot years.
Nice to meet you! Good luck and see you again :-)

hello. let me to introduce myself
my name is Aygun. Aygun in English means Moon and Sun ) I'm from Baku. I want to talk about our nice and big boulevard in Baku.there is very clean and spacious. there is many trees, flowers and many doves. many people walk along Caspian Sea, cycling or simply sit and look at the endless sea.Near boulevard is located Maiden Tower.

Hello! I am from Baku. I want to talk about famous singer of Azerbaijan - Rashid Behbudov. he had very strong voice. he lived in Sovet Union. and he trips to different place around the world with concert tour..

Am Faizal & am from India. Am completed my Degree in 2011 - 2014 batch .
After that i was in Oman for 3 month tanning . At present am working in QATAR

My main hobby is traveling , tripping , Riding at last chatting & making new friends



Hello I live in London but I am not using English mostly so I need to practice my English, so its possible to help me this website.
thank you

These Podcasts are really great and useful. I would appreciate if someone can guide me how to get transcription of these poscasts. I am comfortable to ready text while listening to Ravi and Tess conversation.