Faculty and Staff: Associated Faculty

Leanne Brecklin
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice brecklin
Ph.D. Criminal Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago

Phone: (217) 206-7784 (217) 206-7784
Office: PAC 376

Teaching Interests: Victimization, gender and crime, research methods and statistics, rape prevention.

Barbara Burkhardt Barbara Burkhardt
Assistant Professor, English
Ph.D. English, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Phone: (217) 206-6779 (217) 206-6779

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Cecilia Stiles Cornell Cecilia Stiles Cornell
Associate Professor, History
Ph.D. History, Vanderbilt University

Phone: (217) 206-7430 (217) 206-7430
Office: UHB 3055

Teaching Interests: 20th-century U.S. history, U.S. foreign relations, policy history, the Cold War and the transition on the home front from World War II to the postwar era.

Lan Dong Lan Dong
Assistant Professor, English
Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Phone: (217) 206-8334 (217) 206-8334
Office: UHB 3071

Teaching Concentration: transnational feminism, Asian American women and literature, female heroism in China.
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Kathryn Eisenhart
Associate Professor, Legal Studies Eisenhart
J.D., DePaul University College of Law

Phone: (217) 206-7882 (217) 206-7882
Office: PAC 352

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Dyanne Ferk Dyanne Ferk
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Ph.D. Business Administration – Management
SPHR – Senior Professional in Human Resource Management

Phone: (217) 206-7929 (217) 206-7929
Fax: (217) 206-7534
Office: UHB 4074

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Lynn Fisher Lynn Fisher
Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology
Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Michigan

Faculty Personal Website
Phone: (217) 206-7938 (217) 206-7938
Office: UHB 3042

Teaching Interests: Ecological anthropology, European prehistory, archaeology of late hunter-gatherers and early farmers in Central Europe, prehistoric technology, hunting and gathering societies.

Tena Helton Tena Helton
Assistant Professor, English
Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. American Literature and Women’s & Gender Studies, Louisiana State University

Phone: (217) 206-7441 (217) 206-7441
Office: UHB 3070

Teaching Interests: U.S. literature, U.S. regional literatures and cultures, literary and cultural theory, film.
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Roxanne Kurtz, Philosophy Dr. Roxanne Marie Kurtz
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. Philosophy – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Phone: (217) 206-8218 (217) 206-8218
Office:  UHB 4042

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Assistant Professor of Anthropology Jennifer Manthei Jennifer Manthei
Assistant Professor, Sociology/Anthropology
Ph.D. University of Arizona

Interests: cultural and medical anthropology; race, class, gender, adolescence, and Brazilian studies

Phone: 217 206-7584 217 206-7584
Office: UHB 3032

Karen Moranski Karen Moranski
Associate Professor, English
Associate Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
Ph.D. English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Phone: (217) 206-7440 (217) 206-7440
Office: PAC 524

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Rosina Neginsky Rosina Neginsky
Associate Professor, Liberal Studies/ Individual Option, Women’s Studies, English
Ph.D. English, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Phone: (217) 206-7431 (217) 206-7431
Office: UHB 3027

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Dr. Sheryl Reminger Sheryl Reminger
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ph.D., University of Arizona
Areas of Specialization: Clinical Neuropsychology, Geropsychology, Pediatric Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, Neurological Effects of Cancer Treatment, and Cognitive Impact of Chronic Disease.

Phone: (217) 206-8011 (217) 206-8011
Office: UHB 3123

Hazel Rozema Hazel Rozema
Associate Professor, Communication
Ph.D. Communication, University of Kansas

Phone: (217) 206-7297 (217) 206-7297
Office: UHB 3022

Teaching Interests: Interpersonal/organizational communication, public relations, family and interracial communication, gender communication, gender equity, race relations, and teaching strategies for courses dealing with racism and sexism.

Nancy Scannell
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Chair, Women’s Studies Scholarship Committee

Faculty Personal Website
Phone: (217) 206-7915 (217) 206-7915
Fax: (217) 206-7543
Office: UHB 4055

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