Leadership Scholarship

How can you help build leaders on campus? Fund a Leadership Scholarship!

The Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center will use monies donated during the faculty/staff campaign drive to fund a “Leadership Scholarship” for UIS students to attend the National LeaderShape Institute in Monticello, IL.

How is a UIS student selected for this process?

Students will be asked to submit an essay and application demonstrating their desire to become a better leader on campus. Students will then be selected based on their current volunteer experience as well as current and potential leadership abilities, both at UIS and in the community, in addition to their academic performance.

What is the LeaderShape Institute?

It is a unique experience taking place over six days of non-stop learning using practical experiences that build leadership skills and abilities. Included are sessions on building community, bringing vision to reality, living and leading with integrity, and taking action.

Why should I help?

Students selected for this program will be asked to implement what they have learned by executing a leadership project on campus or in the community. You will be able to see firsthand the impact your donation has made in developing UIS studentsí leadership skills.


Contact Kelly Thompson, Director of the Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center, at 206-8448 or at