American Democracy Project

About the American Democracy Project

American Democracy Prjoect The American Democracy Project is a nation-wide coalition of universities focused on preparing and encouraging graduates to be informed, engaged citizens. Though this environment can only fully be created through a total university effort from every student, faculty, staff, and administration person, our office continually pushes to align the UIS experience with the wider ideals and goals of this project.

Constitution Day

On September 17, 1787, 39 delegates signed the one of the most important documents in world history. The US Constitution set the framework and established the principles upon which America has governed itself for over 200 years. To commemorate the event, the United States celebrates every September 17 as Constitution Day, a day to learn, reflect, and discuss the continuing importance of the Constitution today.

Constitution Day Activities

Take the Constitution Quiz – Test your knowledge of the US Constitution. Are you a grade school civics drop out or a Supreme Court Justice? Take the quiz and find out!

Town Crier – Be bold, be brave, read aloud in public! Every Constitution Day, several UIS students volunteer to read the Bill of Rights aloud in a public place. They also hand out pocket copies of the Constitution to passersby. Show your patriotism! E-mail us at and tell us you want to be involved.