Community (in general)

260 Why “informal socializing” helps civic engagement

Some people are surprised to see “informal socializing” as a path to social engagement. But our research shows that 7 in 10 people participate at least monthly in a small informal or recreational social setting – giving them, as Robert Putnam suggests, opportunities to discuss civic and political events. This study was completed before Facebook… Read More »

258 8 ways that places of worship can encourage involvement

Appoint, hire or find a volunteer coordinator. If it’s nobody’s task, nobody will do it for long. Establish relationships with groups that need volunteers. Then encourage friends to volunteer together. Create a child care cooperative, providing parents an opportunity to volunteer. Lack of child care is a major barrier to participation of parents. Sponsor gatherings… Read More »

254 6 primary ways to get people more involved

Ask people to get involved. Sounds simple, but it’s a huge step. Ask for a limited amount of their time. Teach civic skills. Appeal to people with one of the eight ways that most people get involved. Remember the power of faith-based motivation. Also remember the power of corporate commitment. From Profile of Illinois: An… Read More »

253 8 reasons people don’t get more involved

Time pressure due to family (59%) and job (58%) responsibilities. They were not asked to be involved (32%), or they do not feel a part of the community (13%). They do not know enough about the issues (26%), or they do not know how to get involved (23%). They feel they are already involved and… Read More »

252 3 primary reasons that people get involved

Altruism: They want to make their community a better place. Faith or fellowship: They respond to their own religious beliefs or like to be with people they enjoy. Self-interest: They want to make useful contacts, advance their career, or even run for public office. This is #3 but not as important as the first two… Read More »

246 Bill Cosby is coming to UIS

What great news for the Springfield community that Bill Cosby is coming back to give a performance in UIS Sangamon Auditorium on Oct. 5, 2014. The title of his program is “Far From Finished” and tickets are on sale here.

245 Black males, black fraternity reach into community

Very recently UIS has launched a thriving Greek life, to the benefit of UIS students and the UIS community. In fact, the Alphi Phi Alpha fraternity at UIS had the highest grade point average in Illinois and the Midwest in its first year of eligibility. Related links: History of Greek life at UIS Learn more… Read More »

241 Head Start students get to watch auditorium shows

Thirty-six students for the Springfield Urban League’s Head Start program get to attend live performances in Sangamon Auditorium, thanks to the Arts Start Program sponsored by PNC Bank’s Grow Up Great Initiative. But it’s more than just going to a show. It’s classroom work and teacher training, too.

237 History professor in Civil War fashion show

Dr. Holly Kent, a professor of history at UIS, wore traditional mourning dress from the Civil War period and participated in the Civil War Fashion Show at the Springfield Art Association, and Chancellor Koch blogged about this. Related links: Holly Kent featured on Flickr photo

236 UIS featured in the news 150+ times a month

UIS students and faculty get mentioned in news outlets in the state of Illinois more than 150 times a month, and we do our best to keep track of them. Related links: For more information, contact Blake Wood Visit the UIS Newsroom online