About the Student Union

View of lounge
View looking toward the Colonnade from the upper level of the new Student Union (conceptual drawing only).

A New Student Union at UIS

The focal point of campus and student life, the new Student Union at UIS will become the heart of the university campus, a place where students, along with faculty and staff, can spend time with friends, collaborate  on academic and leadership activities, and create an inclusive and welcoming campus community.

The building will include:

  • A Student Leadership Center, with spaces for student government, student life, and the Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center;
  • Multiple lounge spaces, large and small, for use by anyone on campus;
  • Diverse dining options and a coffee venue;
  • A ballroom/multipurpose room; and
  • Office and building function spaces.

If UIS is to continue to grow in both size and reputation, adding this building right now to the Springfield campus is an absolute necessity.

Students Involved from the Beginning

Students agree on the importance of this building. In fact, students have led the drive to bring a Student Union to campus. They realize as much as anyone how much a Student Union will enhance life on campus, and they have actually approved a student fee that will help pay for about half the cost of the building.  That’s commitment!

From the beginning, students have played an active role on the Student Union Committee, along with faculty and staff members.

Student Union Committee

  • Samia Ahmad
  • Dave Barrows
  • Michael Bloechle
  • Hannah Cave
  • Chuck Coderko
  • Tammy Craig
  • Jonathan Cunningham
  • Mark Dochterman
  • Keenan Dungey
  • Joshua Eastby
  • Geoffrey Evans
  • Clarice Ford
  • Jay Gilliam
  • Jonathan Goldbergbelle
  • Michelle Green
  • Jamaal Hollins
  • Sarah Jennings
  • Marc Klingshirn
  • Aaron Mulvey
  • Nick Nasuta
  • Daniel Owusu-Bempah
  • Riley Quinlan
  • Beatriz Ruiz
  • Chris Ryan
  • Chuck Schrage
  • Anne Strahle
  • Cynthia Thompson
  • Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson
  • Natalie To
  • Van Vieregge
  • Sarah Colby Weaver
  • Randy Williams
  • Dominique Wilson