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Registered Student Organizations

Listed below are the Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) organized by category. Some RSOs have websites and/or Facebook pages, which you can go to by clicking on the group name. Also listed for each group is the primary contact person and advisor, as well as a short description of the student organization.

If you represent an RSO and your information needs updated, please email the Student Life Graduate Assistant.

Download a list Here (PDF)

RSO Categories

  • Academic/Honorary
  • Cultural/Diversity
  • General Interest
  • Political/Advocacy
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Service
  • Social Greek

Sports Clubs are now hosted by Rec Sports.


  • Alpha Phi Sigma
    • Jon Powell (jpowe7)
    • Advisor: Leanne Brecklin (lbrec1)
    • Alpha Phi Sigma is the only criminal justice honor society for Criminal Justice majors. The society recognizes academic excellence.
  • Biology Club
    • David Seidel (dseidel2)
    • Advisor: Amy McEuen (amceu2)
    • The Biology club at UIS is truly student lead organization. That takes an interdisciplinary approach. Through service projects and volunteer opporunities. The Biology Club gives students some hands-on, real life experience in various biological fields.
  • Chemistry Club
    • Rebecca Britton (rbrit2)
    • Advisor: Layne Morsch (lmorsc1)
    • Chemistry Club is active both in the UIS and central IL community.  We volunteer at multiple events to do demonstrations for young school aged children and college aged students.  We fundraise in unique forms and actively involve our club in athletics and other programs put on by UIS organizations.
  • Model Illinois Government
    • Michelle Tuma (mtuma2)
    • Advisor: Kenneth Owen (kowen8)
    • MIG is an annual academic simulation at which students get to act as state legislators, lobbyists, journalists or attorneys
  • National Model United Nations
    • Robert S. Fair
    • Advisor: Adriana Crocket (acroc2)
    • NMUN is an organization which gives students firsthand experience in diplomacy and conflict resolution. For both fall and spring semesters, studenst study a nation, its laws, culture, and economy, etc. Then in late March early April, the represent their nation at the national conference in New York City.
  • Student Accounting Society
    • Grant Weber (gwebe2)
    • Advisor: Leonard Branson (lbran1)
    • The Student Accounting Society (SAS) is a student club of accounting majors that provides students with the opportunity to develop a network with other students, alumni, and employees. It serves as a vehicle for providing feedback to faculty and the Accountancy program
  • Student Chapter – Association for Information Systems
    • Fahad Abdul Hameed (fhame2)
    • Advisor: Te-wei Wang (twang22)
    • The association for Information systems serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems.
  • Young Professional Marketers of UIS
    • Kristen Shaffer (kshaf2)
    • Advisor: Jorge Villegas (jvill2)
    • The Young Professional Marketers of UIS is a student association for individuals interesed in gaining knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.  Our goal is to develop our members by enhancing their education through hands-on mareting activites and networking with peers and professionals in the field


  • African Student Association
    • Vivian Okonta (vokon2)
    • Advisor: Joasiah Alamu (jalam3)
    • African Student Association aims to promote diversity, cater to the growing African population at UIS, and encourage students to learn about various African cultures.
  • Black Male Collegiate Society
    • Norton Helton (nhelton)
    • Advisor: Sophia Ghelhausan (sophia)
    • To uplift and guide young black males through the college experience
  • Black Student Union
    • Lisa Gary (lgary2)
    • Advisor: Sophia Gehlausen-Anderson (sophia)
    • This organization focuses on the issues and success of the minority students on this campus and surrounding campuses. The mission of this organization is to educate, uplift, and empower
  • Chinese Student Association
    • Yuhan Wang (ywang234)
      Advisor: Hangu Mi (hmi)
      Spread Chinese Culture and promote cultural communication with other nationalities at UIS to be better helping new Chinese Students get used to living in the U.S.
  • Indian Student Organization – Cultural Activities
    • Shashank Shankhapal (sshan8)
    • Advisor: Jeannie Cappranica (jjone1)
  • International Student Association
    • Zehra Ozkan-Shahidi
    • Advisor: Sarah Jome (sjome2)
    • Provides inter cultural events for UIS community to make a bridge between students, faculty, & the community.
  • Kinky and Curly
    • Jamie Anderson (jande5)
    • Advisor: Tiffany Saunders (tsaun2)
    • The purpose of our group is to reconstruct societal definitions of beauty and transforming it into a celebration of uniqueness. This celebration will foster change in the way women look and feel towards themselves by addressing the root of women esteem and our hair. We advocate for natural hair through fellowship, support, and education.
  • Organization of Latin American Students
    • Kerry Portillo-Lopez (kport4)
    • Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen (sophia)
    • OLAS strives to promote education and student interest about Hispanic culture. We also ensure student representation in all aspects pertaining to Hispanic heritage. Additionally, we aid Latino issues, culture, and traditions to the UIS community.
  • Rip the Runway
    • Madinah Patterson (patter22)
    • Advisor: Deanie Brown (deaniejd)
    • Rip the runway is an organization that focuses on promoting diversity, originality, and creativity through fashion.

General Interest

  • Baking Club
    • Michelle Haberstroh (haberst2)
    • Advisor: Nikki Overcash (nover01s)
    • Fun while baking pastries and learning how to bake
  • Casera Works
    • K Roshni Krishna Reddy (rkovv2)
    • Advisor: Lynn Otterson (lotte1)
    • Handmade craft paperwork to gift to dear ones such as greeting cards, scrapbooks, quilting craft and mehendi arts.
  • Creative Flow
    • Jocelynn Dortch
    • Advisor: Monique Williams (mwill8)
    • Creative Flow is a performing arts and personal development organization designed to help bring the spirit of performance to the University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Dancing Stars
    • Kayla Ross (kross21)
    • Advisor: Amy Spies (aspie01s)
    • We seek to promote school spirit, enthusiasm, and attendance at athletic and spirit oriented functions through a combo of jazz, pom, and hip hop dancing.
  • Global Sisterhood
    • Zehra Ozkan-Shahidi (zozka2)
    • Advisor: Lynn Otterson (lotte1)
    • Gatherings to bring awareness of women’s issues and culture from around the world
  • Graduate Student Public Internship Student Association
    • Brittany Hilderbrand (bhild3)
    • Advisor: Beverly Bunch (bbunc1)
    • The GPSISA provides professional development and social interaction opporunities for GPSI students. We develop contacts in the public and private sector to prepare interns for life after GPSI as much as possible.
  • Japanime Springfield
    • Bianca Bautista (bbauti4)
    • Advisor: Shoon Lio (slio2)
    • Japanime Springfield is a Japanese Anime oriented club.  We are dedicated to UIS students with an interest in sci-fi, comic books, & other “nerd” culture. Every meeting members can expect to view programs & take part in fun activities
  • Kids at Heart
    • Savanna Vance (svanc2)
    • Advisor: Shoon Lio (slio2)
    • Kids at Heart is a club where students can come together to relieve stress and act like kids in every sense of the word.  We enjoy Disney, cartoons, coloring, arts and crafts, kid games, and so much more!
  • League of Legends at UIS
    • Anthony Holtschult (aholt7)
    • Advisor: Josh Irons (jiron2)
    • Fun, energetic, internet based community striving to expand acquaintances and generate friendships. Utilizing both competitive and non-competitive game based platforms. The group is committed to provide a fun and learning atmosphere for new members and veterans alike.
  • Legacy Dance Team
    • Lashaun Bowling (lbowl2)
    • Advisor: Tiffani Saunders (tsaun2)
    • Legacy Dance Team is a hip-hop dance team that looks to promote confidence and the love of dance
  • Sisters With Vision
    • Patricia Howard (phowa3)
    • Advisor: Justin Rose (jrose22)
    • We aspire to improve the image of women in society, help others in our community, and inspire our young generation of diverse women.
  • Spirit Team
    • Natalie To (nto2)
    • Advisor: Deanie Brown (deaniejd)
    • Promoting school spirit through arts & performance


  • College Republicans
    • Jeff Wilhite (jkarm2)
    • Advisor: Raymond Barnett (rbarn2)
    • We are a group of young republicans dedicated to promoting and campaigning for rebuplican candidates while spreading the conservative message.
  • College Democrats
    • Garrie Allen IV (galle4)
    • Advisor: John Transue (jtran8)
    • As a group representing collegiate democrats across campus, we strive to educate the student body with the Democratic agenda and to promote advocacy in concert with those leaders futhering it.
  • Mock Trial Team @ UIS
    • Vanessa Pratt (vpratt3)
    • Advisor: Suzanne Borland (sborl2)
    • We participate in mock trial competitions in which we prepare and play the roles of attorneys and witnesses
  • Students Allied for a Greener Earth (SAGE)
    • Maricela Arce (arce3)
    • Advisor(s): Marc Klingshirn (mklin2) and Megan Styles (mstyl2)
    • A student organization dedicated to focusing on environmental issues and sustainability
  • Young Americans for Liberty
    • Andrea Carlson (acarl4)
    • Advisor: William Kline (wklin2)
    • Young Americans for Liberty at UIS advocates for individuals & economic liberty


  • Christian Student Fellowship
    • Daniel Gregor (dgreg3)
    • Advisor: Keenan Dungey (kdung1)
    • An organization that helps students find their way back to God.
  • Living Word Bible Ministry
    • Denzel Brewer (dbrew)
    • Advisor: Clarice Ford (cford21)
    • Organization dedicated to expressing, revealing, spreading, teaching, demonstrating the word of God
  • Muslim Student Organization
    • Hannan Zahid (hzahi2)
    • Advisor: Ali Nizamuddin (aniza2)
    • To provide a forum for the followers of the faith of Islam and to assit Muslim students at UIS to practice the teachings of Islam. To educate non-muslims about Islam and Muslims, to carry out social, cultural and educational activities consistent with Islamic values and principles and to promote better understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-muslims.
  • Shaja Yoga Organization
    • Akash Chinnam (achin21)
    • Jeannie Capranica (jjone1)
    • This is an organization which helps us how can we become our own master through kundalini energy. We will experience cool breeze in our hands that means your hands will speak.
  • Springfield University Bible Fellowship
    • Michael Jones (mjone9)
    • Advisor: Sue Alexander (salex3)
    • We are a club focused on spreading the word of God and living out the gospel. We love Jesus and want to grow in his image and character as well as become his disciples.
  • St. Therese, the Little Flower Catholic Student Organization
    • Katrina Salvador (ksalva6)
    • Advisor: David Bertaina (dbert3)
    • St. Therese, the Little Flower, Catholic Students Organization builds christian community by encountering Christ through faith, service, sacarament, and friendship and provides an environment where all are welcome to know and experience the fullness and joyfullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Voices in Praise
    • Duane Willingham (dwill23)
    • Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen-Anderson (sophia)
    • A gospel experience at UIS incorporating a multitude of backgrounds


  • American Red Cross Student Organization
    • LeAnna Kehl (lkehl2)
    • Advisor: Mark Dochterman (mdoch2)
    • The American Red Cross Organization at UIS works in conjunction with the Illinois Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross to provide Red Cross assistance in disaster services, community preparedness, health and safety services, blood services and more. Our purpose is to provide service to the local community and students at UIS, and to provide an opportunity for students to be involved with the American Red Cross on-campus.
  • Alpha Eta Delta of Alpha Phi Omega
    • Marissa Farris (mfarris2)
    • Advisor: Mark Dochterman (mdoch2)
    • Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service fraternity, open to both men and women, based on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
  • Alternative Spring Break
    • Brittni Provost (bprovo2)
    • Advisor: Mark Doctherman (mdoch2)
    • ASB at UIS is a wek long service experience over the course of spring break. Students travel off-campus and (usually out of state) to make an impact on a national scale.
  • HOPE
    • Ashley Ray (aray24)
    • Advisor: Carmalita Kemayo (ckema2)
    • Giving back to the community in various ways.
  • Roteract Club
    • Suhas Srivats (ssubb2)
    • Advisor: Jeannie Capranica (jjone1)
    • “ROTRACT” club is a club of youngsters who work with the motto “service above self”
  • Dance Marathon
    • LeAnna Kehl (lkehl2)
    • Advisor: Mark Dochterman (mdoch2)
    • The Dance Marathom committee will create an annual Dance Marathon to support the Children’s Miracle Network at St. Johns Children Hospital. During the Dance Marathon money will be fundraised for the Children’s Miracle Network, which helps children who are suffering from major medical problems.

Social Greek

  • Mu Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc
    • Malcom Bennett (mbenn2)
    • Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen (sophia)
    • Social Service Greek letter org founded to be inclusive of all men and to give back to the community.
  • Upsilon Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc
    • Shomari Jackson (sjack6)
    • Advisor: Justin Rose (jrose2)
    • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence while providing service and advocacy for our communities.
  • Phi Kappa Tau
    • Alex Fruth (afrut2)
    • Advisor: Ethan Lewis (lewis.ethan)
    • The mission statement of Phi Kappa Tau is, “To champion a life long commitment to brotherhood, learning, ehtical leadership and exemploary character.”
  • Tau Chi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.
    • Robyn Crutchfield (rcrutc2)
    • Advisor: Tiffani Saunders (tsaun2)
    • Alpha Kappa Alpha is a national organization whose main purpose is to provide service to all mankind.
  • Cygnets
    • Lilliana Marquez (lmarq2)
    • Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen-Anderson (sophia)
    • As the official interest group of the Gamma Phi Omega international sorority incorporated, we are formulated to unite sisters in the principles of achieving academic excellence, serving communities, preserving the bond of sisterhood and uplifting cultural awareness among Latinos and those in our global communities.

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