Michael Oyakojo

Hometown: Ibadan
Major: Public Administration
Year in school: Graduate Student
SGA Position: Graduate Student Senat michael oyakojo uis sga or

Why did you run for SGA?

I ran for SGA position in order to champion the necessary change at UIS.  Having held various leadership roles with real impacts, I have relevant international experience and skill sets to influence positive change at UIS. Also, my active participation would be a unique opportunity to give back to the university community while using my skills to help fellow graduate students to maximize their potential.

What are your goals for the upcoming year on SGA?

● Effective and inclusive representation of graduate students in relevant university activities – academic, social, and community service
● Efficient communication in order to bridge existing gaps, bond, and serve as point of connection between graduate students and the university community
● Improve funding for graduate students’ programs
● Deepen the experience of graduate students at UIS through friendly academic and social environments.

What other organizations/activities are you involved with at UIS?

In addition to other campus committees, I am actively involved in the following organizations:

● Model United Nations – Debater
● Model Illinois Government – Debater
● The Research Society
● Professional Students’ Organization
● Illinois Innocence Project

What is your favorite thing about UIS? 

My favorite thing about UIS is the strong network with reputable institutions that facilitates relevant internship opportunities for students to complement classroom teaching. The university achieved this objective through strong alumni networks in reputable organizations which enhance students’ learning experience.

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspiration is to work as a seasoned professional economist and contribute my quota towards global economic development. I have always been interested in the areas of economic development, development finance, public policy and financial advisory. Hence, I am hopeful that relevant opportunities will show up to actualize my aspirations.