Will Newton

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Political Science will newtwon uis sga
Year in school: Sophomore
SGA Position: Senator-At-Large

Why did you run for SGA?

Residence Life  is one the points of highest contention for students. With my experience on RHA I think I am the right person to be able to  have understanding  of Residence Life’s struggles they face everyday of maximizing residents productiveness and happiness while minimizing the cost. I also have the desire of making sure every resident comment is addressed appropriately without being stifled or dismissed

What other organizations/activities are you involved with at UIS?

I am the Executive Vice President of the Resident Housing Association.  I am also involved with the Catholic Student Organization and Model Illinois Government.

What is your favorite thing about UIS?

I love the fact it is a public school cost with a private school heart.

What are your career aspirations?

Federal Judge or Federal Politician