Aaron Mulvey

Hometown: Rochester, Illinois
Major: Double Major in Communication and Political Science
Year in school: Senior aaron mulvey uis sga
SGA Position: President

Why did you run for SGA?

I have been in student government since the fifth grade and I have always loved it.  This will be my fourth year serving on the UIS SGA as I have previously served as the Undergraduate Senator and two years as Secretary.  I see student government as a way to give back to my community and the students I represent.   I truly want what is best for the students and I believe that I have the leadership to take on these responsibilities of dealing with the multitude of issues that need to be dealt with.

What are your goals for the upcoming year on SGA?

I have several goals for this upcoming academic year.  One goal is to work on improving the transportation on campus.  I have already spoken with the SGA and the Chancellor about the need of fixing the transportation issue on this campus.  Another continued effort will be the development of the student union.   This summer, students and staff have been working with the architects for the student union and we plan to continue working with them this year.  Another goal of mine is to keep student fees on campus as low as possible.  Other issues that we will also keep an eye on are parking, housing, and any other issues brought to us by the students.

What other organizations/activities are you involved with at UIS?

Along with SGA, I sit on about 8-10 other governing bodies and committees.  I also participate in the UIS Dodgeball organization during the week.

What is your favorite thing about UIS?

I would say my favorite thing about UIS is that you have an identity on campus rather than being just another number at a large campus.  The environment is smaller, but that smaller environment allows for closer relationships inside and outside of the classroom.  The classroom setting at UIS gives a student a more direct approach of learning with their professors and allows for students to get to know one another more easily.

What are your career aspirations?

Once college ends I am not quite sure what I will do or where I will end up.  I am majoring in Communication focused in mass media and Political Science so my options will be pretty open.  I will definitely want to stick to the direction of my majors so possibly enter the political arena or some type of government job.  I could also possibly follow my aspirations within the mass media arena and pursue a radio or television job.