Samia Ahmad

Hometown:  Peotone, IL
Major: Double Major; Criminal Justice & Political Science
Year in school: Senior samia ahmad uis sga
SGA Position: Secretary

Why did you run for SGA?

I ran for SGA because I wanted to explore the behind scenes in higher education, what really goes on. Seeing students knocking on doors and campaigning freshman and sophomore year for positions inspired me to become more actively involved on campus. Always willing to hear what’s on a student’s mind and how to better the situation.

What are your goals for the upcoming year on SGA?

My goal for the upcoming year is to continue to bridge a relationship with the Springfield community and our campus. Along with assisting the SGA’s subcommittee, SAC (Student Activities Committee) in anyway possible. Finally, working with the veteran community on campus to hear any concerns and provide different resources for the future.

What other organizations/activities are you involved with at UIS?

I am involved with SAC and MVSO.

What is your favorite thing about UIS?

My favorite thing about UIS is that when you start getting involved on campus the number of people you end up meeting. The different directors, deans, and administrators.  If there is an issue or something you want to see happen on campus, the issue is  either resolved or the idea you wanted to see occurs on campus. That is the great thing about a growing campus , where old and new traditions grow.

What are your career aspirations?

My plan for after graduation is to work at a federal agency within homeland security.