Marc Reiter – Candidate Internal Vice-President

Hello, my name is Marc Reiter and I am a candidate for Internal Vice-President. I have been fortunate enough to serve as your Senator-at-Large for this past academic year. The goal of any SGA member should be properly representing the students that elected them. Too long has the distance between SGA and greater student co-operation been quite visibly apparent. This needs to be changed.

There are things SGA can do and should do for students that will help to close this gap, like continuing to improve transportation services for students. We can accomplish this by striving for the use of I-Cards as a means to pay SMTD transportation fees. Common sense and quick actions like the swipe of a card serve to make things easier for SMTD and students alike, compared with using other methods.

SGA should also work with other student organizations to discuss ideas that can be refined into concrete and efficient resolutions that accomplish real goals. SGA must always be accessible; our image should represent us as a resource to the student body. Aiding in efficiently providing good governance for students rather than SGA governing itself is the direction the body should head in. Students are our peers and SGA’s bosses, not the other way around. This philosophy is one I would continue to carry with me to SGA.

We can also devote our attention toward issues in the fields of food service and residence life, whenever there is justification for action. I am always impassioned to work with others to accomplish goals, and I would work with my counterparts on SGA to keep our focus on good policy and not petty disagreements, as I have done this past year. I would appreciate your vote on April 23rd or 24th. Thanks!