Riley Quinlan – Candidate Student Trustee

Hello, UIS!  I’m Riley Quinlan and I’m in my second term as the External Vice-President of the Student Government Association.  I live on East Campus in Bluebell Court and work as the International House Coordinator and as a Student Ambassador, proudly promoting UIS.  I have worked within a broad spectrum of diverse cultures which is exemplified by the world we live in.

These past two years, I co-chaired the Nickname and Mascot Task Force with President Aaron Mulvey.  This was a rather different and complex issue that was effectively resolved over winter break after several meetings and conference calls.  During the General Assembly’s Veto session, I contacted UIS alumni and diligently worked with them to arrange a committee meeting with Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon.

I had the pleasure of chairing the SGA External Affairs Committee, assisting the UI Alumni Association with one of the largest events of the year:  U-of-I-Day at the Capitol, spearheading the UIS “delegation” with much helpful assistance from Secretary Samia Ahmad.  I also worked with the Alumni Association with the new Letter-Writing Campaign, sending personal messages to federal legislators; UIS sent more than UIUC and UIC combined.  I have assisted with the Student Union and its continual updates, and I look forward to oversee its progress and planning sessions on the Board of Trustees.

I enjoy working closely with people, establishing working relations that never expire, as well as maintaining a personable rapport with my fellow students.  I am eager and determined to work with a collaboration of elected individuals to strengthen what UIS has to offer; and above all, to serve the students whom I proudly represent.  I have another year at UIS and I will gladly continue the legacies we have started.  Every vote counts…Make that vote yours.