Points of Pride

Monique Kimani: December 2014 MPH-EH Graduate Monique Kimani

Monique is a biologist at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division in Dahlgren, VA. She began her career in June 2004 as a co-op student during her undergraduate studies at Drexel University. She worked as a co-op student for 3 consecutive years and then returned full-time in June 2008 after earning her Bachelor’s Degree.

Today, she is part of the Toxicology & Biochemistry Section, housed under the Z21 Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Concepts & Experimentation Branch. As a section they focus primarily on biological minimum exposure guideline development, CBR medical countermeasure support, biological agent ingestion studies, and computational biology. Her current tasking involves research and development of countermeasures against weaponized biological agents and most recently verification and validation of a modeling and simulation system that will serve as an action planning and mitigation tool against the effects of CBR weapons and toxic industrial chemicals/materials releases.

Nathan Albrecht: 2012 MPH Graduate Nathan Albrecht

Nathan Albrecht is a 2012 graduate of the University of Illinois at Springfield’s Masters of Science in Public Health program. He was awarded the Certificate for Community Health Education in July of 2012. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Health Science degree from Indiana University.

In 2008, Nathan began work for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in Springfield, Illinois. In 2011, he was hired as a Nuclear Safety Health Physicist working the in Bureau of Radiation Safety at the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA).

In August of 2015, Nathan will begin medical school at Auburn University; in its medical school’s inaugural class. He intends to complete the dual medical degree/Masters of Business Administration program. He wishes to become a pediatrician and work with the National Health Service Corps in the rural United States.

This summer Nathan is traveling to Coronado, Costa Rica to live with his grandfather’s sister while studying Spanish at the Academia Tica Spanish Language School. He sits for the Diploma del Español como Lengua Extranjera or Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language, granted by the University of Salamanca in Spain, on July 17th.

Dr. Josiah Alamu, Assistant Professor in the Public Health Department, is currently serving as the Information Technology Services (ITS) Faculty Fellow

Josiah Alamu

Dr. Alamu spent the summer doing outreach with other departments and researching ways to better serve his students using technology.

We encourage faculty to talk with Dr. Alamu to see what he is doing in his courses and to find out what resources ITS can provide.

Dr. Sharron LaFollette Receives Award

Dr. Sharron LaFollette Receives National Service Award.

The AEHAP Board of Directors awarded the 2011 Jack B. Hatlen Award to MPH Program Chair Sharron LaFollette. Named after University of Washington Professor and environmental health pioneer, Jack Hatlen, the award is presented to individuals who exhibit outstanding service in environmental health academic programs and who also support the work of AEHAP.  Dr. LaFollette stood out due to her 15 years as a faculty member at UIS where she is involved in bringing students to the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) conference as winners of the AEHAP/CDC National Center for Environmental Health Annual Student Research Competition awards every year.   She has been a council member of the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC) for almost twelve years, and is currently Chair.

She has been a friend and mentor to many and her skilled facilitation has helped the council make crucial accreditation decisions for the past few years. Says Yalonda Sinde, Executive Director: “Due to Sharron’s leadership, EHAC has been able to accomplish so much with so limited time and resources.  Sharron always steps up to the plate and has been one of the biggest supporters of the staff.

Source: Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs (AEHAP)

Marissa Alexander-Scott 2012 Ferguson Fellow, CDC

Marissa was named as a Ferguson Fellowship recipient. This is a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She worked with various fellows on projects that will combine public health prevention, treatment, and epidemiological studies focused on underserved communities. You can follow this link to her presentation on her service: Power Point Presenstation Ferguson Fellowship

Cassandra Bernardi Spring 2012 Graduate

Cassandra Bernardi has recently been hired as a Progr Cassandra Bernardi am Coordinator for Healthy Child Care America at the American Academy of Pediatrics. it is a federal grant funded position that works with other human service agencies to improve health and well being in out-of-home child care settings. Cassandra’s previous experience as a program coordinator in addition to her MPH degree have made her a good fit for the position.