The following faculty currently advise pre-med and other pre-professional health sciences students. Please contact one of these faculty members if you wish to learn more about the pre-med or other pre-professional health sciences course of study.

Your pre-med faculty advisor can be in the same area as your major, but they do not have to be. Students should feel free to contact any of the faculty on this list to get advice and guidance with the pre-professional health sciences preparation.

Steve Johnson, PhD, Chemistry, Committee Chair

HSB Rm 311, 206-7336,

Layne Morsch, PhD, Chemistry, 

HSB Rm 313, 206-8487,

Marc Klingshirn, PhD, CAP Honors, Chemistry

HSB Rm 347, 206-8341,

Kanwal Alvarez, PhD, Biology 

HSB Rm 226, 206-8567,

Linda McCown, PhD, Clinical Lab Science

HSB Rm 351, 206-7550,

Sheryl Reminger, PhD, Psychology

UHB Rm 3128, 206-8011,