Student Lounge

The student lounge features modern and comfortable lounge furniture, a high definition large screen TV, computers, dry erase board, chalkboard wall, and art wall hangars for artist installations. Students chose colors, furniture patterns, and overall look for the renovations during the fall and spring of 2010. The lounge can be reserved for small group meetings of up to 10 people.

LGBTQ Student Lounge Photo LGBTQ Student Lounge Photo 2

Icon History Display

Unfortunately, history has set the record a little too straight. The walls of the student lounge display a photo text exhibit of notable people in history. This multicultural and gender inclusive exhibit proudly shares the achievements of these LGBTQ, non-heterosexual, and trans icons. Click on the photos for a full biography of each person.

Audre Lorde   Barbara Jordan   Bayard Rustin   Bessie Smith

Billie Holiday   Elanor Roosevelt   Glenn Burke   Harvey Milk

James Baldwin   Langston Hughes   Michaelangelo   Virginia Wolfe

We'wha   Willa Cather   Walt Whitman