Central Illinois Foreign Language Consortium

Study Language at Another Illinois School

The following five colleges and universities in Central Illinois have formed a consortium to expand learning opportunities in foreign languages and international studies for their students:

Each of the five schools has agreed to allow its full-time students to enroll in any otherwise-unavailable foreign language course. Go to the home pages of the consortial members for course offerings. To begin the enrollment process, contact the Modern Languages program office.

The conditions for enrollment are:

  • Registration is accepted on a space-available basis.
  • The student pays tuition and is registered at the home college.
  • The course credit is counted as credit at the home college.
  • The student is required to conform to the requirements of the college offering the course.
  • Arrangements for each exchange are made through the offices of the deans or the designates of the institutions involved. The registration shall be complete only when both deans agree to the registration, and at some institutions the consent of the instructor may also be required.
  • The institution offering the course may limit the number of consortial students it is willing to receive. It also may limit the number of exchange students in any particular course.
  • Upon completion of the course, the instructor of the college accepting these students will report grades to his or her dean for transmission to the home college.
  • Transportation costs are the responsibility of the students involved.
  • There will be no transmission of tuition funds between the home college and the accepting college.