Your Graduation

University of Illinois at Springfield has a commencement ceremony, which is held every year in May. This ceremony is for all students that have graduated in the previous summer or fall semester, or will potentially graduate in the current spring semester. You are allowed to participate in the program only once and only during the year that you are eligible to do so.

If you are planning to participate in the Commencement Program (grad walk) this semester, please view the Commencement Etiquette document, which explains the difference between graduation and commencement as well as important etiquette guidelines for the ceremony. You will also want to visit the UIS Graduation website.

If you plan to invite family members from outside the U.S. who will need tourist visas, you will want to write a letter inviting them that they can take with them to their visa interviews. You should include an explanation of the event, why it is important to you that they attend, the names and passport numbers of the people you are inviting, and a verfication of your student status. You will obtain this last item through the Office of Records and Registration. It may also be helpful to mention the dates of the anticipated visit and where they will be staying while in the US. If they plan to be in the country for an extended period, you will want to mention what they will be doing during the rest of their stay.

If your family members are unable to attend but have access to the internet, they can watch the live webcast the day of the ceremony.