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Please report software and hardware problems in labs and classrooms by calling the ITS Client Services Center at 217.206.TECH or 217.206.6000. You can also send an email to the ITS Client Services Center at

Technology-enhanced classrooms

Technology-enhanced classrooms are located throughout the campus. These “Smart” classrooms are designed to enhance the integration of technology into the curriculum. University Hall, comprising thirty-four classrooms, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment:
Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards digitally capture any notes written or projected onto the board, so your students can focus on the session content rather than concentrating on taking notes. There is little room for miscommunication when all session participants have the same notes; simply save your work to a computer for later distribution.

Dukane Document Camera (DVP505A)

Dukane Document Camera

The Dukane Document Camera allows you to display through the projector a variety of objects whether paper, transparency or three dimensional object. Through the Dukane software loaded on every station, snapshots of images can also be saved onto the instructor computer, laptop or a variety of media. Document cameras are available upon request.

NEC Wireless Projector

NEC Wireless Projector

Every projector in UHB can be accessed through the wireless network and images displayed through student laptops or instructor PCs. This capability also allows Educational Support staff the ability to troubleshoot potential problems even if they are not in the room. Projectors are also capable of displaying closed captioning, when available.

Crestron Control System

Crestron Control System

Forget troublesome remotes or complicated screen menus. Each instructor station has a white Crestron control system which allows faculty to control all the equipment in the room through a simple button and touch screen display.

Panasonic DVD/VCR Combo Player

Panasonic DVD/VCR Combo Player

All classrooms are equipped with a combo player to allow the playback of both DVDs and VHS tapes. This player can also be completely controlled by the Crestron control system.
UHB 2008, 2034, lecture halls and one MIS computer lab, UHB 2025 have two networked projectors and wireless microphone systems in addition to the other equipment mentioned above.

University Hall also has six modern language classrooms [UHB 2002, 2009-2012] which use flat-screen displays instead of projectors. These rooms, as do all classrooms, receive a cable television system featuring multiple modern language channels and recording capabilities.

Active Learning Classroom

UHB 2027, Active Learing Classroom

In fall of 2008, ITS launched an active learning classroom in UHB 2027. The classroom is designed to facilitate student collaboration. The dynamic seating allows for flexible classroom layouts, such as:

  • team learning
  • group discussion
  • lecture style

Check out more images of the Active Learning Classroom.

Besides the “Smart” classrooms in University Hall, virtually every classroom located throughout the campus is equipped with technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience. All include an instructor station containing a computer, VHS and DVD player and cable TV. Projectors or flat panel televisions are installed in these rooms. Closed captioning is available either through built-in technology or a V-Gis system. Below is a listing of the classrooms, organized by learning space styles:


Boardroom Style


Classroom Style

Teaching Computer Lab

Teaching Computer Lab


Tiered Style


U-Shaped Style

Check out more images of the different Learning Spaces here at UIS

Laptop carts

Information Technology Services has laptop carts that can be reserved for classroom use. Each cart contains wireless capable laptops with the same software found in our traditional computer labs. Battery life on these units can run up to six hours.

Laptop Cart

Laptop carts are a unique solution to the occasional need for a lab environment.  Due to safety concerns, we no longer deliver power cords or strips with the laptop carts.  If your need for computer usage exceeds the expected operating time of the batteries of the laptops, or if you anticipate weekly computer usage, please contact Janice Marvel to schedule your class for a teaching lab.

To schedule a cart for your classroom, please call us at 217-206-6550. We ask that you please schedule these carts a week ahead of time. If possible, we would also like to deliver the cart 10 to 15 minutes before the event and/or class begins to set up the laptops for you.

iPad Cart

iPad Cart A cart of 32 iPads available for classroom delivery. The iPads are powerful classroom resources, allowing students to interact with content, present from anywhere in the classroom, and collaborate with each other. For more information about the iPad cart, please contact Kara McElwrath. Be sure to check out how Dr. Donna Bussell has been using the iPads!

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