Welcome!: June 2013

UIS Fountain

Greetings to the following new employees who joined the UIS community over the past several months:

April 1st through June 30, 2013

Employee Name Current Hire Date Job Title Department
Jean-Paul Viray 04/08/13 Undergraduate Academic Advisor LAS Administration
Sheina Norris 04/10/13 Building Service Worker Janitorial
Timothy Ryan 04/14/13 Dining Room Supervisor Auditorium
Debi Barr-Holquist 04/15/13 Grants & Contracts Administrator Inst. for Legal, Legis & Policy Studies
Tracy Knox 04/15/13 Chief Clerk Illinois Issues
Ann Graffagna 04/22/13 Admissions & Records Representative Records & Registration
Jacqueline Gragg 05/06/13 Business/Administrative Associate VC Academic Affairs
Jennifer Mayer 05/20/13 Child Development Associate Day Care Center
Rachel Richardson 05/20/13 Office Support Specialist VC Student Affairs General Exp
Lauren Kaeseberg 05/28/13 Visiting Staff Attorney Inst. for Legal, Legis & Policy Studies
Kathy Kassing 05/28/13 Office Support Specialist VC Academic Affairs
Megan McFall 05/28/13 Child Development Associate Day Care Center
Joyce Shotick 06/01/13 Director Peoria Center VC Academic Affairs
Travis Whipple 06/03/13 Assoc. Athletic Director for External Ops Athletics
Amanda Murphy 06/04/13 Asst. Athletic Director Media/Communication Athletics
Molly Grisham 06/06/13 Head Women’s Soccer Coach Athletics
Kimberly Hobby 06/10/13 Office Support Specialist Inst. for Legal, Legis & Policy Studies
Abigail Powell 06/16/13 Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator Education & Human Services Adm