Welcome!: December 2010

UIS Fountain

Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:

Employee Name

Current Hire Date

Job Title

Nancy Behringer    10/16/10    Adjunct Instructor   
Keven Beringer    10/16/10    Adjunct Instructor   
William Cox    10/11/10    Network Specialist 1   
Roger Deatherage    11/01/10    Building Service Worker   
Mandy Ealey    11/15/10    Admissions & Records Officer   
Barbara Hoffman    9/20/10    Office Support Specialist   
Ashley Levan    9/29/10    Assistant Softball Coach   
Josephine Negro    11/22/10    Financial Aid Adviser IV   
Ashley Reichert    9/16/10    Visiting Critical Infrastructure Specialist   
MarieJoy Roberts    10/19/10    Office Support Specialist   
Anna Sheehan    11/8/10    Building Service Worker   
Kimberly Spann    10/1/10    Staff Nurse II   
Jolene Vollmer    9/13/10    Customer Service Representative   
James Walsh    9/27/10    Building Service Worker   
Benjamin Wierzba    9/13/10    Head Men’s Basketball Coach