Welcome!: Oct 2012

UIS Fountain

Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:

Employee Name Current Hire Date Job Title
Kevin Beeson 07/24/12 Visiting Clinical Instructor
James Bland 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Robert Blankenberger 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Katie Bowers 08/06/12 Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mark Buxton 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Jesus Canelon 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Sarah Dennis 08/16/12 Visiting Assistant Professor
Myrto Drizou 08/16/12 Instructor
Rachel Essington 08/16/12 Assistant Athletic Trainer
Holly Fowler 08/13/12 Alumni Relations Officer
Maire Foxx 08/27/12 Admissions & Records Officer
Andrea Harth 07/09/12 Police Telecommunicator
Dorothy Hemmo 08/14/12 Clinical Assistant Professor
Christopher Hilscher 08/13/12 Food Service Worker 2
Ashley Kirzinger 08/16/12 Director of Survey Research
John Laubersheimer 08/16/12 Clinical Asst Professor/Library Instr Services
Susan Law 09/10/12 Mailing Equipment Operator/Expeditor 2
Ronald Loui 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Michael McChesney 08/22/12 Food Service Administrator 1
Matthew McGowan 08/24/12 Assistant Tennis Coach
Dale Mercurio 08/06/12 IT Tech Associate Servers
Michele Miller 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
R Boyd Murphree 09/04/12 Visiting Historical Document Editor
Kenneth Owen 08/24/12 Assistant Professor
Ricardo Perez 08/16/12 Instructor
Karlous Perry 08/06/12 Building Service Worker
Shelley Pethy 09/17/12 Office Support Specialist
Dathan Powell 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Hua Qin 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Andrea Riebock 08/16/12 Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Maria Rivera-Beckstrom 08/16/12 Visiting Assistant Professor
Maxwell Rooke 08/16/12 Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach
Stephanie Sagat 08/16/12 Assistant Volleyball Coach
Justin Stearns 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Xiuli Sun 08/31/12 Visiting Scholar
Barbara Sweatt 08/16/12 Visiting Instructor
Jay Swenson 07/09/12 Intramural & Recreation Coordinator
Ashley Towal 07/09/12 Staff Clerk
Melinda Usherwood 08/16/12 Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
Mark Verduin 08/13/12 TV Director-Producer
Michelle Vinson 08/27/12 Housing Administrator
Abigail Walsh 08/16/12 Applied Music Specialist
Donna Weinstein 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Charles Wells 09/04/12 Food Service Worker 2
Brett Werner 08/16/12 Assistant Professor
Meg Wertin 08/15/12 Admissions & Records Officer
Amy Zepp 07/23/12 Special Events Facilitator

July 1st through September 30, 2012