Welcome!: Dec 2012

UIS Fountain

Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:

Employee Name Current Hire Date Job Title
Jenna Bernthal 11/05/12 Office Support Specialist
Christine Carver 12/10/12 Nurse Practitioner/Assoc. Director
Soga Fajimi 10/15/12 Building Service Worker
Kevin Friedrich 11/05/12 IT Manager/Administrative Coordinator
Briana Fugnitti 10/29/12 Business/Administrative Assoc.
Richard Geary 12/10/12 ITSA Lab Support
Peter Gray 11/12/12 Broadcast News Specialist
Kelly Guerrero 12/17/12 Asst. to the Dean
Nicole Harbauer 10/01/12 Customer Service Representative
Vernon Huber 12/03/12 Asst. Director Enterprise APS
Robert Laurent 12/20/12 Asst. Softball Coach
Jeffrey Lorber 10/23/12 Vice Chancellor for Development
Joan Martin 10/29/12 Library Operations Associate
Shannon O’Brien 12/03/12 Senior Photographer
Brandon Paoni 12/10/12 Police Telecommunicator
Erika Suzuki 10/15/12 Program Coordinator
Jen Tibbs-Berle 11/05/12 Coordinator Public Information
Janine Toman 12/10/12 Office Support Specialist

October 1st through December 31, 2012