Welcome!: Sept 2011

UIS Fountain

Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:

Employee Name Current Hire Date Job Title
 Kanwal  Alvarez 08/16/2011 Teaching Lab Specialist
 Brett  Angelico 03/07/2011 Admissions Counselor
 Yolanda Hazel Beamon 06/16/2011 Director New Student Orientation and Parent Relations
 Anthony J Black 07/12/2011 Assistant Sports Information Director
 Douglas Levi Brackney 08/15/2011 Office Support Specialist
 Meagan Ann Cass 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Ashley Nicole Edge 03/07/2011 Admissions Counselor
 Ian  Fitzgerald 04/04/2011 Instructor Communications Tech
 Kenneth W Hansen 04/18/2011 Plumber
 Brian B Kahn 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Doyn Marie Kellerhals 06/13/2011 Natural Sciences Lab Assistant
 Holly M Kent 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Susan J Koch 07/01/2011 Chancellor of UIS and Vice President of UI
 Cody  Kother 03/01/2011 Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach
 Li-Lin  Liu 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Ann  McCaughan 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Kay  McChesney 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Courtney Erin McDaniels 05/11/2011 Business Administrative Associate
 Roger  McNamara 08/16/2011 Instructor
 Lindsay R Meece 06/13/2011 Admissions and Records Representative
 Ann M Melvin 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Candace Brooke Meserole 08/22/2011 Office Support Specialist
 Jesse  Miech 04/11/2011 Visiting Head Men’s Soccer Coach
 Dianne W Morse 08/22/2011 Office Support Specialist
 Christopher Lee Mueller 06/06/2011 IT Support Associate
 Curt  Mueller 08/16/2011 Visiting Center for Public Safety and Justice Prog. Coord.
 Catelin M Murphy 06/13/2011 Adjunct Instructor
 Kimberly  Murray 08/16/2011 Instructor
 Patricia Frances Oman 08/16/2011 Visiting Assistant Professor
 Kimberly  Pate 07/26/2011 Director Intercollegiate Athletics
 Gwen  Peregrin 08/08/2011 Office Support Specialist
 Cody  Pope 08/08/2011 TV Director-Producer
 Stephen Andrew Predmore 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Gary  Reinbold 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Jacob  Ryan 08/15/2011 Food Service Worker
 Tiffani  Saunders 08/16/2011 Instructor
 Stephanie  Schulmeyer 08/16/2011 Visiting Assistant Athletic Trainer
 Robert Joseph Skorczewski 04/04/2011 Admissions Counselor
 Cynthia  Smith 06/13/2011 Admissions and Records Representative
 Stephanie Nichole Smith 08/15/2011 Food Service Worker
 Lucas John Vespa 08/16/2011 Instructor
 Dale Wayne Vick 04/04/2011 Instructor Communications Tech
 Carrie E Walbert 07/12/2011 Customer Service Representative
 Benjamin M Walsh 08/16/2011 Assistant Professor
 Patricia Joanne Young 05/16/2011 Office Support Specialist

As of 8/31/11