Employee Recognition: July 2012


We appreciate the following employees for their service to the UIS community:

25 Years

Donna Schaub   

20 Years

Ann Cole    Christina Ryan   
Jerry Peebles    Ed Wojcicki   

15 Years

Peggy Kitchen    Denise Rothenbach   
Mark Owens    Allan Young   

10 Years

Amanda Baughman    Ronald McNeil    Cathy Price   
Leslie DeFrates    Jill Menezes    Natalie Taylor   
Wendy Johnson    Mae Noll    Rowena Vail   

5 Years

Dana Atwell    Cory Hewitt    Julie Perino    Shannon Smith   
Helene Bea    Marilyn Kok    Tracy Rakes    Jeffrey Timmons   
Richard Bryant    Dana Marmino    Matthew Roberts    David Towers   
James Burgdorf    Richard Pamenter    Stacey Romager    Mark Wathern   
Talonna Elam   

*Service recognition is based on permanent employment at the University of Illinois Springfield.
January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012