Shining Star: 2012

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Shining Star Trophy Traveling Trophy Employee Recognition Program

The Shining Star trophy is given by one employee to another who has demonstrated acts of excellence which contribute to our Supportive Community, who are Collaborative in nature, or who are good examples of LEADERSHIP lived. See Program Guidelines for more information.

2012-2013 Shining Stars

Denise Rothenbach - Shining Star     Denise Rothenbach
Information Technology Services
March 2013    
Jason Gibson with Shining Star trophy     Jason Gibson
Facilities Scheduling & Services
January 2013    
Pam McGowan with Shining Star trophy     Pam McGowan
Center for Teaching and Learning
December 2012   
Bill Cox with the Shining Star Trophy
Bill Cox
Information Technology Services
October 2012

Bob Fassero with the Shining Star Trophy     Bob Fassero
Building Services
June 2012    

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Shining Star Contact:

Cindy OKeefe
Administrative Aide