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Traveling Trophy Employee Recognition Program

Shining Star Trophy
The Shining Star trophy is given by an employee to another employee who has exceeded expectations in some area of his or her work. The traveling trophy is then passed on by the recipient to another who deserves it, and so on. See Program Guidelines for more information.

2010 Shining Stars

Joan Buckles November Shining Star  

Joan Buckles
November 2010

Ted Mims October Shining Star  

Ted Mims
Computer Science
October 2010

Lori Pinney  

Lori Pinney
August 2010

Jamie McGill Shining Star 2010  

Jamie McGill
Building Services
July 2010

Debbie Dove photo

Debbie Dove
Admissions & Records
May 2010

Shining Star April 2010 Cathy Jensen

Cathy Jensen
Admissions & Records
April 2010

Shining Star March 2010 Barbara Cass

Barbara Cass
Business & Management
March 2010

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Cindy OKeefe
Administrative Aide