Bachelor’s Degree – Admission Requirements

To transfer into the undergraduate History Program you must have:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours at the lower-division (freshman/sophomore) level
  • Three semester hours of English composition (as the minimum requirement for general University admission)

Please note that these admission requirements are different for the Online History major.

Lower-division Core Requirements

To pursue a major in history, students must complete two courses from the following list of classes on historical regions and themes (6 hrs. total).  The two courses must be from different categories of historical regions and themes.  Alternately, students can transfer equivalent courses from an accredited institution. Comparative Societies courses can be used to fulfill both the Comparative Societies requirements and history lower division requirements provided students graduate with sufficient total credits. These courses will not be offered online.

Categories of historical regions and themes:

World History (HIS 106, HIS 201) 3 Hrs. each

Topics in Comparative Religion (HIS 150) 3 Hrs.

Europe (HIS 202) 3 Hrs.

United States (HIS 204, HIS 205) 3 Hrs.

Middle East (HIS 160, HIS 161) 3 Hrs.

East Asia (HIS 176, HIS 177) 3 Hrs. each

Ancient Civilizations (HIS 118, HIS 119) 3 Hrs.

Total prerequisites needed: 6 Hrs.