A List of UIS Acronyms

Abbreviation    Program or Department   
AAS    African-American Studies   
ACC    Accountancy Program   
ART    Visual Arts Program   
AS    Access Springfield   
ASP    Astronomy/Physics   
AST    Applied Study Term   
AU    Audit   
AY    Academic Year   
BC    Butler Commons   
BIO    Biology Program   
BRK    Brookens Library   
BSB    Business Services Building   
BT    Broadcast Television   
BUS    Business Administration Program   
CAP    Capitol Scholars   
CBM    College of Business & Management   
CCC    Capitol City Center   
CHE    Chemistry Program   
CIWA    Central IL Women’s Action e-mail Network   
CLAS    College of Liberal Arts & Sciences   
CLEP    College Level Examination Program   
CLES    Center for Legal Studies   
CLS    Clinical Laboratory Science Program   
COM    Communication Program   
CONVOCOM    West Central Illinois Educational TV Network   
COX    Child Care Center   
CPL    Credit for Prior Learning   
CR    Credit   
CRJ    Criminal Justice Program   
CSC    Computer Science   
DPA    Doctor of Public Administration Program   
ECO    Economics Program   
EDL    Educational Leadership Program   
EDL/MTL    Educational Leadership/Master Teacher Leader   
EHS    College of Education & Human Services   
ENG    English Program   
ENS    Environmental Studies Program   
ESL    English as a Second Language   
FAFSA    Free Application for Federal Student Aid   
FTE    Full Time Equivalent   
FY    Fiscal Year   
GA    Graduate Assistant   
GAAC    Graduate Assistant Advisory Committee   
GC    Graduate Council   
GER    General Education Requirement   
GMAT    Graduate Management Admission Test   
GPA    Grade Point Average   
GPSI    Graduate Public Service Internship Program   
GRE    Graduate Record Exam   
HDC    Human Development Counseling Program   
HECA    Higher Education Cooperation Act   
HIS    History Program   
HMS    Human Services   
HRB    Human Resources Building   
HSB    Health Science Building   
I    Incomplete   
IBHE    Il Board of Higher Education   
I-Card    Student Identification Card   
ICC    Illinois Central College   
IID    Internet Intensive Delivery   
ILSC    IL Legislative Studies Center   
ILSP    IL Legislative Staff Internship Program   
INO    Individual Option Program   
IVT    Interactive Television   
LAR    Labor Relations   
LES    Legal Studies Program   
LIB    Library   
LIS    Liberal Studies   
LLCC    Lincoln Land Community College   
LRH    Lincoln Residence Hall   
LSAT    Law School Admissions Test   
LSC    Liberal Studies Colloquia   
LSDAS    Law School data Assembly Service   
MAT    Mathematical Sciences Program   
MCAT    Medical College Admissions Test   
MGT    Management Program   
MIS    Management Information Systems   
MPA    Master of Public Administration Program   
MPH    Masters of Public Health Program   
NACE    National Assoc of Colleges and Employers   
NAIA    National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics   
NC    No Credit   
NCA    North Central Association   
NESSIE    Human Resources web site updating of employment information   
NIA    Non-Instructional Assignment   
OTEL    Ofc. Of Technology and Enhanced Learning   
PAA    College of Public Affairs & Administration   
PAC    Public Affairs Center   
PAC    Public Affairs Colloquia   
PAD    Public Administration Program   
PAR    Public Affairs Reporting Program   
PDB    Police Department Building   
PHI    Philosophy Program   
POS    Political Studies Program   
PPSH    Physical Plant Shop   
PSY    Psychology Program   
R    Deferred (only used in continuing nature)   
RAMP    Resource Allocation/Management Program   
RHB    Rehearsal Hall, Rm B   
RING ROAD    road goes around University on east side   
SAC    Student Activities Committee   
SGA    Student Government Association   
SLB    Student Life Building   
SOA    Sociology/Anthropology Program   
SPH    Spencer House   
SWK    Social Work   
TEAR DROP    tear shaped road/parking area north along PAC   
TEP    Teacher Education Program   
TRC    Tenure Review Committee   
UC    Undergraduate Council   
UIC    University of Illinois at Chicago   
UIUC    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   
UNI    University Course   
VCAA    Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs   
VCSA    Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs   
VPAA    Vice President for Academic Affairs   
W    Withdraw   
WMS    Women’s Studies Program   
WUIS    WUIS Radio Station   

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