Global Studies

The bachelor of arts in Global Studies seeks to provide students with multiple perspectives for understanding the world and the tools necessary to appreciate how other peoples see the world and the issues confronting the global community.

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This degree will use an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing political science, history, economics, sociology / anthropology, communication and environmental studies.

What’s New

  • Congratulations to Spring 2015 graduates with the Major in Global Studies!
    • Shelby L. Bedford   (dbl mjr w/Sociology-Anthropology)
    • Kiley A. Fuchs
    • Jacquelyn M. Levine
    • Roni Mohan (dbl mjr w/Political Science)
    • Riley J. Quinlan (dbl mjr w/Political Science)
    • Qendrese Selimi (dbl mjr w/Political Science)
    • Steven T. Stransky (dbl mjr w/Political Science)
    • Dalton R. Traina
  • Special Recognition goes to:
    • Program Marshal – Shelby Bedford   given to a graduating student who has illustrated academic excellence and best exemplifies the goals and spirit of the program. Bedford LL photo
    • International Experience Award – Roni Mohan   given to a graduating student who has clearly incorporated their study abroad experiences within their intellectual development. This year the award is given in honor of UIS faculty member Nancy Scannell. Mohan Photo