Plated Dinners

*Indicates dish can be served as a buffet

Beef selections

  • Roast Strip Loin of beef – smoked, seasoned, and slow roasted, a half-pound cut is served with a piquant peppercorn mushroom demi-glace – 16.95
  • *Filet Mignon – the most tender cut of beef, seasoned with our own house herb rub, grilled, and served with a mushroom red wine sauce. You get your choice between our hearty 8 oz. – 22.95 or petite 6 oz. cut – 20.95
  • *Roast Rib of Beef – 8 oz. slice is served with a rich rosemary au jus and horseradish sauce – 20.95
  • *Asian Sirloin – Teriyaki marinated, 8 oz. top sirloin, grilled and served with a light ginger—sesame sauce – 11.95
  • *Sirloin of beef chasseur – tender sirloin tips, braised with red wine sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions, served over pasta – 11.95

Poultry selections

  • *Miami spice chicken – citrus marinated breast, served with a flavorful sauce of orange, garlic, cilantro, and mild chilies – 10.95
  • Chicken Marsala – boneless breasts, seasoned and sautéed with a rich Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms and pearl onions – 9.95
  • *Roast Turkey and brie – tender fillets of turkey, seasoned and roasted, served topped with slices of brie cheese, served with a balsamic glaze, grapes, almonds, and tarragon – 10.95
  • *Chicken Ala Greque – marinated chicken, grilled and accompanied with a mélange of artichokes, kalamata olives, peppers, in an oregano-garlic glaze – 10.95
  • *Herb Roasted Rock Cornish game Hen – partially boned whole hen, coated in our seasoned bread crumb appareil, baked to juiciness, and served with a simple garlic parsley butter – 11.95
  • *Apple Almond Turkey – tender roasted breast, sliced and served with an apple and raisin compote, along with a honey almond sauce – 10.95
  • Tandoori chicken – from India, seasoned and marinated chicken breast, roasted and served with a cool yogurt sauce, vegetables, and naan bread – 8.95
  • Fried chicken – our own special recipe, two large pieces, crispy and juicy, served with appropriate accompaniments – 8.95
  • *Szechuan chicken stir fry – marinated boneless chicken, an array of crispy vegetables, and a ginger-sesame-soy glaze over fried rice – 8.95

Pork selections

  • *Roast Pork Cape Cod – boneless loin, seasoned and roasted to medium, knapped with a cranberry port wine sauce with roasted walnuts. – 8.95
  • *Little Italy Pork Chops – twin chops, marinated and grilled, served over a smoked vegetable marinara sauce – 8.95
  • *Ode to Pork – pork served four ways, a smoked pork chop medallion, thick slab of bacon, slice of grilled country ham, and Italian sausage, served with mushroom ragout – 10.95
  • *Prime Rib of Pork – bone in roasted rack of pork, cut into chops, served with a red wine jus and mushrooms – 11.95
  • *Roast Pork with red onion jam – herb rubbed, roast, and carved, served with a sweet and tart, caramelized onion preserve – 10.95
  • *Two little Piggies BBQ – two boneless pork chops, pan fried, one with a Kansas City BBQ sauce, the other in a New Orleans style sauce – 10.95

Seafood selections

  • *Atlantic Salmon – an 8 oz. fillet of salmon, either grilled perfectly with lemon dill cream, or bronzed-Louisiana style, served with lemon parsley butter – 12.95
  • *Ahi Tuna – 8oz tuna steaks are coated with a special house seafood rub, pan seared and roasted until medium doneness, served with a chunky mango salsa – 13.95
  • *Fillet of Basa and Shrimp – Asian whitefish, baked and topped with Gulf shrimp, capers, and tomatoes in a light cream sauce – 8.95
  • *Shrimp Risotto – creamy Arborio, rice, vegetables, and a generous amount of shrimp – 8.95
  • *Tilapia – twin fillets, one with choron sauce, the other with a light dijonnaise, garnished with cucumber julienne and feta cheese – 8.95
  • *Chesapeake Crab Cakes – flaky and delicious, pan fried classic served over a smoked tomato sauce, with pine nuts and leeks – 10.95

Pasta selections

  • Seafood and Pasta – penne pasta with shrimp, salmon, and scallops, prepared with a chardonnay cream sauce – 8.95
  • *Chicken and Pasta Formaggio – julienne chicken, four cheeses: Swiss, mozzarella, parmesan, and a touch of bleu, tossed with pasta, cream and spices – 8.95
  • Lasagna Bolognese – nearly 3/4 pound portion of layered pasta, ricotta cheese, and meat sauce topped with our flavorful chianti – 8.95
  • *Farfalle Pasta Nouvelle – bow tie noodles, abundance of vegetables, wild mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, feta cheese, and lemon – 8.95
  • *Tortellini and Smoked Chicken – cheese filled pasta, smoked tender boneless chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, in a tomato basil cream sauce – 8.95
  • *Ultimate Mac and Cheese – chicken, sausage, and shrimp, mushrooms, asparagus, and peppers, along with gemelli pasta, in a light herbed smoked cheddar cheese sauce – 9.95

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