Summer Program Housing

ISPEL students typically live on campus. UIS maintains comfortable housing for single students and families.

Depending upon personal preference, ISPEL students may choose between two types: Apartment or Townhouse.

Type    Apartment    Townhouse   
# of bedrooms    4    4   
# of bathrooms    2    2   
# of levels    1    2   
Campus location    East    West   
Building Names    Bluebell Clover Larkspur    Foxglove Marigold Pennyroyal Trillium   
Year of construction    1990    2004   
Price    $864    $1040   

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Family Housing

Students who are bringing their spouse and/or children can live in the furnished family housing units in Sunflower Court. Please note that family housing is limited and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Type     1-bedroom    2-bedroom   
Maximum # of people    3    4   
Campus location    East    East   
Building Name    Sunflower    Sunflower   
Year of construction    1980    1980   
Price    $1448    $ 1968   


All apartments are furnished and have private bedrooms, a full kitchen, lots of living space, a shared bathroom, and air conditioning.  Apartments are less than a five minute walk to the main classroom buildings and are very close to social gathering places, the cafeteria, and laundry facilities. For a full explanation of amenities, click here.

Linens (pillow, blanket, sheets, towels) and a basic kitchen set (pots and pans, plates, cups, and utensils) are available to rent for an additional $25 per person.

Housing Contract

Students wishing to live on campus must complete an ISPEL housing application and submit the $500 ISPEL deposit. We will then secure your housing. Once you arrive on campus, you will sign a contract that you will maintain the condition of your unit for the duration of your stay.

First move-in date: Thursday, June 9th

Last move-out date: Sunday, August 7th

Housing Application (pdf)

If you wish to renew your contract for the fall semester or wish to change to another on-campus location, you must complete a separate Housing application and submit a $200 deposit to Housing by July 1st.


All questions about Housing for ISPEL students should be directed to the ESL Program.