Meet our Faculty: Barbara Burkhardt

Barbara Burkhardt Barbara Burkhardt
Assistant Professor of English
Ph.D. English, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Phone: (217) 206-6779
Office: UHB 3050

Teaching Concentration: American Literature from 1865 to 1915 with emphasis on the novel, postmodern fiction, Midwestern literature, and American women writers.

Courses: Graduate seminars in Postmodern Fiction, Writers of The New Yorker, and Mark Twain; American Novel 1865-1915; Contemporary American Novel; American Short Story; Midwestern Literature.


Modern Language Association Convention:

  • Nabokov and The New Yorker: The Letters of Vladimir Nabokov and William Maxwell
  • ‘Langston Hughes Blues Lyrics and the Songs of Bessie Smith

Midwest Modern Language Association:

  • ‘The Natural History of Home’: William Maxwell’s Midwestern Town in Time Will Darken It
  • Chicago, the Midwest and the World Beyond in William Maxwell’s The Folded Leaf

College English Association:

  • ‘The Saving Grace of Unimportance’: William Maxwell’s Early-Century Prairiescape.

Conference of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature:

  • The Blues Woman In Langston Hughes’ Not Without Laughter
  • All the Days and Nights: The Short Fiction of William Maxwell
  • The Midwesterner Abroad: William Maxwell’s The Chateau
  • Memory and Metafiction in William Maxwell’s So Long, See You Tomorrow


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