Existing Courses

These UIS courses have been offered at least once for credit.

  • BIO/ENS 444 Aquatic Ecology
    Fundamentals of freshwater ecology, including abiotic-biotic interactions, aquatic ecosystems structure and function, and relationships among organisms.
  • BIO 445 Biology of Water Pollution
    Effects of organic wastes, industrial chemicals, and non-point pollutants on aquatic flora and fauna, and on humans; detection and measurement of water pollution.
  • BIO 446 Restoration Ecology
    This course will examine the process of repairing damage caused by humans to the diversity and dynamics of ecosystems. Will include case studies of successful projects, and explore design aspects to restoration.
  • BIO 561 Advanced Microbiology – Microbial Ecology
    Selected advanced topics include aspects of microbial physiology such as growth, metabolism, photosynthesis, and genetics. Independent laboratory project required.
  • LSC 423 Emiquon: Illinois River Floodplain
    Explores the scientific significance and cultural history of Emiquon. This area is being restored to wetlands from agriculture, a conversion with important scientific, economic, and cultural ramifications.