Dr. Linsday Hutley, Oct. 30, 7pm

Environmental Issues in Australia Today

A Public Lecture by Dr. Linsday Hutley, Department of Environmental Science, Charles Darwin UniversityDarwin, Australia

October 30, 2006; 7:00 PM

Brookens Auditorium, University of Illinois at Springfield

Sponsored by:  Office of International Programs, College of Liberal Artsand Sciences, College of Public Affairs and Administration, the UIS Speakers Fund, SAGE, ICCB

Dr. Hutley, Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Queensland, is a world renowned expert on the management of Tropical Wetlands and Savannas.  He is visiting UIS to help promote the exchange program between UIS and CDU, particularly in the area of the sciences and environmental studies.  His public lecture will draw upon the most recent studies related to environmental issues in Australia as well as long standing issues related to invasive species, land use policy and indigenous land management.  Questions should be directed to the Office of International Programs at UIS, 206 8319,