The Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon is to be a nucleus of activity and exchange of ideas about floodplain ecology, with the primary focus on the Emiquon floodplain.  Therkildsen will provide resources and a space to:

  • Teach natural sciences and train students in field biology techniques, initially at the high-school, college and graduate levels, but to continue to explore opportunities for other life-long learners (e.g., grade-school field trips, regional citizens, on-line students throughout the country and the world).
  • Learn more about the natural processes of the floodplain, freshwater ecology, and restoration and management strategies.
  • Research cooperatively by incorporating national and international experts through symposia and cooperative projects, by involving UIS professors across disciplines, by consulting regional experts intimately familiar with the rhythms of the river, and by applying the lessons of nature and restoration.