• Alex Cosner– Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness
  • James Koeppe– Director
  • Matt Panich – Associate Director
  • Anna Schoenherr – Office Support Specialist
  • Jay Swenson– Assistant Director of Intramural and Sport Clubs


Graduate Assistant

  • Sara Baker

Facility Coordinators

  • Eileen Kenny
  • Kevin Mudiandambo
  • Caitlin Osborn
  • Ivan Perez
  • Kalima Swain

Intramural Coordinators

  • Patricia Howard
  • Sarah Rowlands
  • Katie Selway
  • Duane Willingham

The Role of Campus Recreation at UIS

The primary role of Campus Recreation is to support the academic mission of the University of Illinois Springfield.  Campus Recreation provides quality service to students and employees while contributing to the holistic development of the individual.  Our work involves processes and programs that seek to be intentional in nature and action.

Leadership Team (LT)- the group of professionals and students who are responsible for the managerial decision-making and implementation of the plans that directly affect the quality of Campus Recreation programs and services.