Faculty Contact Information

Full-time Biology Faculty

Dr. Kanwal Alvarez
Assistant Professor of Biology Kanwal Alvarez UIS
Ph.D. Cell Molecular and Development Biology, University of California, Riverside

Phone: (217) 206-8567
Office: HSB 226

Areas of Expertise: Cell Molecular and developmental biology


Dr. James Bonacum James Bonacum
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Biology, Yale University

Phone: (217) 206-6035
Office: HSB 231

Areas of Expertise: Genetics and molecular biology

Hua Chen Dr. Hua Chen
Biology Department Chair

Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Forest Ecology, Oregon State University


Phone: (217) 206-8339
Office: HSB 230

Areas of Expertise: Terrestrial ecosystem ecology, global change ecology, restoration ecology.  A complete CV is here:  cv-HuaChen 10-07-2014


Mr. David Holland Mr. David Holland Photo
Biology Instructor
M.A. in Teaching, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant
Educational Specialist Degree in Science Education, Michigan State University, East Lansing

Phone:  (217) 206-8140
Office:  HSB 225

Areas of Expertise:  Human Biology, Organismal Biology, Environmental Biology

Dr. Michael Lemke Picture of Dr. Mike Lemke
Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Biological Sciences – Limnology, Michigan Technological University

Phone: (217) 206-7339
Office: HSB 227

Areas of Expertise: Microbial ecology, general microbiology, aquatic ecology

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Amy McEuen Dr. Amy B. McEuen
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Phone: (217) 206-7341
Office: HSB 229

Area of Expertise: Ecology

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Dr. Tracy Schatteman Dt. Schatteman Photo
Biology Instructor
Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield

Phone: (217) 206-8367
Office: HSB 228

Areas of Expertise:  Neurophysiology, auditory system, aging, animal behavior

Dr. Richard Stokes
Instructor Richard Stokes
Ph.D. Biology, University of Cincinnati

Phone (217) 206-7338
Office: HSB 224

Area of Expertise: Botany and molecular ecology


Dr. Lucia Vazquez
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Cornell University Lucia Vazquez

Phone: (217) 206-7337
Office:  UHB 3000

Area of Expertise:  Plant systematics, evolutionary botany, plant ecology


Biology Lab Specialist Randi Reinke

Randi Reinke
Teaching Lab Specialist, Biology

Phone: (217) 206-8176
Office: HSB 137

Department Affiliate

Dr. Stephen Johnson Dr. Stephen Johnson
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Pharmacology

Phone: (217) 206-7336
Office: HSB 311

Area of Expertise: My investigations use proteomic and electrophysiological techniques to characterize neuroactive molecules  invertebrate venoms.

Associated Faculty

Keenan Dungey Dr. Keenan Dungey
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Phone: (217) 206-7345
Office: HSB 312

Area of Expertise: Inorganic materials chemistry

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Dr. Leon C. Hinz Jr.

Division of Ecology and Conservation Science
Section of Aquatic Ecology and Conservation, Illinois Natural History Survey LeonInStream
Ph.D. Aquatic Ecology and Resource Management, University of Michigan

Phone: (217) 785-8297

Area of Expertise: Aquatic Ecology & Conservation of Lotic Ecosystems


Dr. Maria Lemke
Aquatic Ecologist
The Nature Conservancy, Illinois
Ph.D. Aquatic Ecology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Phone: (309) 645-8477

Office: 11304 Prairie Rd, Lewistown, IL 61542

Area of Expertise: Aquatic macroinvertebrates, Agriculture and Water Quality, Zooplankton

Dr. Hong Qian
Curator of Botany, Illinois State Museum
Ph.D. Biogeography, University of British Columbia Hong Qian

Phone: 217 782-2621

Areas of Expertise: Botany, ecology, biogeography

Jim Veselenak Dr. James Veselenak
Associate Professor of Clinical Lab Science and Public Health

Phone: 217 206-7346

Areas of Expertise: Medical microbiology, mycology

Dr. Chris Widga
Assistant Curator of Geology, Illinois State Museum Chris Widga
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Phone: 217 785-4844

Area of Expertise: Aquatic Vertebrate, paleontology, paleoecology


Emeriti Faculty

  • Dr. Gary Butler
  • Dr. Nada Chang
  • Dr. Ann M. Larson
  • Dr. Gary Trammell