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Advising Services

The Office of Advising Services, Information, and Support (OASIS) looks forward to helping you identify classes to complete general education requirements and prepare for major coursework. We can also help you determine a major and set academic pursuits toward your career goals.

Your Advisors

For students with fewer than 30 credit hours:

If your major is ACC, ECO, MGT, BBA, or MIS or your last name begins with A-E use Starfish in Blackboard to schedule with Carmalita Kemayo.

If your major is BIO, CHE, CLS, MAT, or CSC contact Lori Benedict at

If your last name begins with F-I or you are a STARS student, please contact Ignacio Alvarez at

If your last name begins with J – Z and not in one of the above listed majors, contact Mae Noll at

If you are transferring to UIS with a decided major and more than 30 credit hours, please contact your major department for advising.

Your advisors will assist you based on your specific needs. We will help you explore majors and understand your DARS report, the Advising Guides as well as the University’s General Education Requirements. We look forward to helping you navigate your academic journey at UIS.