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The podcasts below appear in reverse chronological order, i.e. the first in the list is the most recent and the last in the list is the oldest.

Professional confidence
Listen to a radio quiz show which invites local business people to compete against each other to see who has better skills. This week the focus is on Professional Confidence.
The car industry
Listen to a radio interview with Lee Smith, an automobile sector specialist, talking about a very particular car manufacturer.
Workskills: Coaching
Listen to an extract of a talk by a professional coach trainer. He is summing up his talk with some tips on how to be a good coach.
Listen to a trainer at the end of a management training session, summing up the importance of relationship building as a competency and reviewing ways of developing the competency.
Read about the origins of biotechnology and listen to two friends as they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified food.
Line management
Listen to part of a radio programme where a manager is talking about dealing with staff.
Risk management
Listen to a Business School lecturer speaking about risk management.
Listen to a conversation between the Human Resources Manager and an employee who is unhappy with the way he is treated by his boss.
Going global
Listen to a radio programme in which people from three companies talk about their experiences of going global.
Strategic innovation
Listen to an interview with Dana White, innovation manager for a kitchen gadgets company.
Trend analysis
Listen to an interview with a social commentator on changes in patterns of working.
Conference calls
Listen to part of a conference call organised by a company called Softcell Incorporated.
Listen to a studio discussion about globalisation with Elisabetta Deliberti from the Forum for a Fairer World and Albert Lloyd from the International Banking Federation.
Work burnout
Listen to the guests on this radio chat show speaking about the difference between work-related stress and burnout.
Nuclear power and Lovelock
Listen to different people commenting on James Lovelock's current view of nuclear power.
Music business
Listen to a discussion about recent changes in the music industry.
Listen to a business studies lecturer talking about the history of outsourcing in the United States.
Managing diversity
Listen to a business management expert talking about the price that some companies have to pay when they fail to address diversity-related risks.
Understanding competitors
The basis of a successful marketing plan is understanding the competitors, what they offer and how they differ from us and what we offer.  Two people discuss the process on a flowchart.
Public relations
A public relations account executive talks about how she got into the area of public relations and about her job.
Interviewing techniques
listen to a journalist giving advice on interviewing techniques.
Listening to lectures
Listen to part of a lecture given to a group of first-year undergraduates on the subject of lectures.
Multiple intelligences
Listen to two people discussing how they prefer to learn, which shows the kinds of intelligence which are dominant in them.
Time Management
A line manager gives advice on how to better manage time
Improve your reading skills
Jane Freeman talks about her experience of following a course in "speed reading".
Business and ethics
Listen to an extract from a lecture on business and ethics.
Developing creativity
Listen to part of a radio programme.  Peter Jones works for Art and Business, a company that develops creative partnerships between business and the arts.
Change management
Listen to a consultant talking about the basic stages of the change process, and the people in the change management team.
Emotional intelligence
Listen to an extract from a lecture on emotional intelligence given by a professor at a business school.
Genetic Counselling
Listen to an online broadcast taking place some time in the year 2014, with an interview with a 'genetic counsellor'.
Finding Information
Listen to an extract from one of a series of study skills lectures on ways of finding and using information, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using different ways of doing research.
Listen to this business school seminar from the year 2006 where the seminar leader is talking about how eBay has gained its success.

Managing Conflict
Listen to some people trying to resolve a dispute at work with the help of a mediator.

The way in which a company's staff reacts to a merger is sometimes called the 'merger syndrome'.  Listen to this extract from a radio programme about people who have been involved in mergers.

Giving an Academic Presentation
Listen to Malcolm, an undergraduate studying Marketing, giving a presentation about an internship he served in an advertising company, to the other students on his course.

Motivation in the Workplace
Listen to an extract of an interview with a professor of Business Studies about the subject of motivation.

Products and Brands
Listen to a radio interview in which the future of the Martha Stewart brand is discussed.

Exam Revision Techniques
Two friends, Leah and Hamid, discuss their methods of revising for exams.

Viral Marketing
Listen to part of a radio programme where people are talking about viral marketing.

Orang Utans - IELTS part 4
Listen to an expert talking about orang utans.  The accompanying activity provides practice for part 4 of the IELTS listening exam.

Studies Problems - IELTS part 3
Listen to two students talking about their studies. The accompanying activity provides practice for part 3 of the IELTS listening exam.

Health workers - English for Medicine
Listen to four different health workers describing what their jobs consist of.

Diversity at work
Listen to a radio interview about the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

Lloyd's of London
Listen to an interview where Hannah is explaining about the origins of Lloyd's of London.

A Tour of the Premises - IELTS part 2
Listen to a librarian giving a tour of the recently-renovated premises. The accompanying activity provides practice for part 2 of the IELTS listening exam.

Listen to an interview with two people from companies who run sponsorship programmes, talking about why they do it.
Blogging or Print
Listen to an interview where LearnEnglish Professionals talks to two people who have different opinions about blogs.
Booking a restaurant - IELTS part 1
Listen to a customer book a table in a restaurant. The accompanying activity provides practice for part 1 of the IELTS listening exam.
People management
Listen to an interview with an HR specialist talking about people management.
A doctor is interviewed
Listen to an interview with a retired doctor, Rajan Mehta, about his life working in the UK.
Business Books
Listen to an interview with a business book author on his latest publication.
Tips for the IELTS listening exam 2
Listen to another typical IELTS listening exam question where Irene is opening a bank account and the bank clerk is taking her details.
Fomenting innovation
Listen to a interview that forms part of a radio series entitled "Fomenting Innovation" where a Google employee talks about her working environment.
Tips for the IELTS listening exam 1
Listen to this typical IELTS listening exam question where a man is asking for information about travelling by train or by bus.
Making a hotel booking
Listen to a telephone conversation between a hotel receptionist and a person trying to make a booking. The line is bad but the receptionist has the telephone skills to deal with this problem.
How green is your office?
Listen to a conversation between an office worker and his boss.  They are talking about how to make their office greener.
Exam stress
Two friends, Emma and Tim, talk about how to beat stress before an oral exam.
Advice on writing CVs
Listen to an interview with a recruitment expert, who talks about his experience of reading CVs and offers some good advice on writing them.
Translating and interpreting
This podcast looks at the skill of interpreting. An expert offers some advice and information.
The Steel Industry
You are going to listen to part of a radio programme in which an expert is talking about the history of the British steel industry.
Intercultural competence
Listen to a business person talking about the importance of intercultural competence for today's global worker.
Customer Service Orientation
Listen to some dissatisfied customers complaining about the service they received.
Strategic Thinking
In this article we shall be looking at strategic thinking and what makes a good strategic thinker. Listen to a Business Coach giving a lecture about the importance of strategic thinking for a successful business.
You are going to listen to part of a radio programme. On last week’s programme the speaker talked about flexibility in the workplace. This week he is back in the studio answering questions from listeners.
The BEC exam
Listen to a conversation between an employee and her line manager. The employee has just done a Cambridge BEC exam. Her line manager is asking questions about it.  
An employee goes to see her manager wanting feedback on her interview for promotion. What follows is a discussion as to why she didn’t get promoted.
Decision-making techniques
Listen to a manager speak about one of the many different techniques that have been designed to help people make important decisions in the world of business.
Web 2.0
Listen to a radio interview with a website owner who talks about what Web 2.0 is and how it is affecting business.
Listen to this speech given at a party being held for the retirement of an employee, James Dawson.The managing director of the company delivers a speech outlining James' achievements.


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