Style: High Contrast View - B/W and W/B


  • When one of the two High Contrast View options is selected, a checkmark is put next to the option and all text content, including links, is displayed in white on black background in case of 1 (W/B) option and black on white background in case of 2 (B/W) option. The text content is also magnified 250% of the original. All font type is overridden to be Sans-Serif.
  • Deselecting this option unchecks the option and restores the display of the text content.
  • High Contrast View overrides Author CSS and Tag Styling.

Image 1. Initial Display
example: initial display of

Image 2. High Contrast View 1 Enabled: White Text On Black Background
example: white text on black background view of

Image 3. High Contrast View 2 Enabled: Black Text On White Background
example: black text on white background view of