Scripting: Focus Inspector

The user can inspect elements on the Web resource that can recieve the keyboard focus by using tab key of the keyboard or clicking with the mouse. Once the Focus Inspector is active, clicking with the mouse on object on the page will merely put focus on the element and highlight it, instead of carrying out the originally intended function of the element, for example, activating a link.

Inspection Details

Node Type

  • The name of the element that currently has the focus is displayed.

Inspection Results

  • The Accessibility Extension determines what inspection it will run depending on the Node Type. It displays results of inspection and related accessibility information according to the type of inspection it runs.
    • If the Node Type is a, area, object, applet or embed, Links List is displayed. See Links for more information on the list.
    • If the Node Type is one of form elements, i.e. input or select, Forms List is displayed. See Forms for more information on the list.
    • If the element has defined role attribute, Role, Accessible Name, Description and States List are displayed. In the Role field, the role attribute is displayed. See List of ARIA Widgets for more information on Accessible Name, Description and States List.
    • Colour Contrast is displayed for all Node Types except for cases where the element does not support color attribute, like img, area or select. See Colour Contrast for more information on Colour Contrast.

Accessibility Information

Warning or failure messages displayed here are same as messages of Links, Forms and List of ARIA Widgets subsections.


  • ToDo: Avoid using text links that are shorter than 4 characters in length.
  •   ToDo: Avoid using text links that are not understandable out of context.
  •   ToDo: Ensure that links that point to the same HREF use the same link text.
  •   ToDo: Ensure that links that point to different HREFs use different link text.
  •   ToDo: Avoid placing links close together.
  •   ToDo: Avoid using images that are smaller than 16 pixels as links.


  • Fail: Each form control should be associated with a label element, either through encapsulation or id reference.
  •   ToDo: Each fieldset element should contain a legend element.

ARIA Widgets

  • Warn: The ID [Widget] referred to by attribute [State] was not found on this page.
  •   Warn: Attribute [State] must use [Value].
  •   Warn: The attribute [State] is empty.
  •   Warn: [State] attribute is not defined for widget [Widget].
  •   Warn: The attribute [State] supports only one ID, you have indicated more than one ID.


  • Refresh - re-evaluates the resource.