Summer Update

Hey guys!

Since my last post was exceedingly sad, I’d like to make this one more upbeat. Here is a summer update from a college student who is lucky enough to go home to visit her family… in Europe!

While today may only mark the 13th day of being school-free, I have had a busy and extremely pleasant summer thus far. The first couple of days were spent in Houston, Texas where the most notable part of my trip was going to downtown and the Fine Arts Museum. Although I have been to this museum many times before back when I lived in Houston, I thoroughly enjoyed checking out some of the exhibits, new and old. My favorite was the Impressionist wing!

After Houston, I headed to Miami where I spent ample time lounging on the beach, walking around South Beach, and I even went to a Miami Heat game, the one they lost… While in Miami, I did do something productive (besides starting the second book of the Game of Thrones Series by George RR Martin), I went on a college visit at the University of Miami. In case you may be wondering why I was on a college visit since I am already in college, it was to see the architecture graduate program at UM. I found it really helpful and came prepared with a gaggle of questions on hand, all of which I got answered. After visiting, I don’t think I could see myself going there, but it was my first graduate school visit, and I wrote down my thoughts on the program to compare with future graduate school visits (this is something you guys should do while searching for your undergrad school!).

While Miami was so much fun, as most vacations tend to be, it ended. I then found myself in the middle seat of a 9 hour and 15 minute flight to Amsterdam. Today is day 3 of being in the Netherlands and I spent the previous two battling jet lag. The weather here has been beautifully sunny, though noticeably colder than in the states. I am looking forward to spending the next 3 weeks sleeping, being with the family, babysitting, sketching, etc. Who knows, maybe I’ll convince my mom to go on a girls’ weekend to Paris?

I hope you guys are doing well and are having a lovely summer.

As the Dutch would say: tot ziens (see you later)



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